Homestay is a great opportunity to learn about another culture, build worldwide friendships and show students your culture and hospitality!

Y.E.S. has been provided this program over a decade to promote friendship between our students and local families.

Why Homestay?

Becoming a host family to a young student from a different county and culture can be both an enriching and challenging experience. Welcoming an international student into your home helps develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

By sharing your home and offering guidance to an international student, your family becomes an important part of the student's life.

Meal Plan


2 Meals (breakfast and dinner)



3 Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


*Breakfast would be a self-service. You just put some food in your kitchen, students can serve themselves.


*Students have to tell you in advance if they go out and eat with their friends.


*Some students don't need Meal Plan, please ask us the details.

Minimum Requirements

Private bedroom

Desk and Chair

Wireless internet access


Students will take care of their transportation to commute to the College (by bus or train).

We do not ask for any House Types (single Home, condominium, etc... ) and Family Structures.

Homestay is an opportunity to exchange culture. There are various types of host families in our networks.

Please feel free to ask us and let's arrange the details together!


Homestay Fees


All of our Host Families receive monetary compensation for hosting.



$750~$850 (for each student)



Short-term Program (1wk ~ 1mo)

$40~ (for each student)

*might ask you to help their transportations



*There is no security deposit.

Students will have responsibility and we work as a mediator. 

30 Days Notice and Cancellation

You can decide the term to host as long as you are following 30 Days Notice

How to Apply

Fill out the Application

Applicant, Residence and Household Information.

Set up a Meeting for House Screening

Y.E.S. Staff will visit you and talk about the details.


You are on our Host Family List now!

Student's Arrival

We will send you the information before your student arrive.

We will always be with you every step of hosting our students!

Application Form

You can apply online from the link 1.

If you prefer to fill out the information on paper based application, please download the form from the link 2.


Sending Email Address

1. Online Application

You can apply online from the link below.

Y.E.S. Staff will contact you after you submit the form.

2. Download the Application
Host Family Application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 85.2 KB